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Second Sunday Film Series presents: Grease (1978) [PG-13] 1 hr 50 min

Sunday Aug 12, 2018, 6 p.m.

Monthly series: 2nd Sunday of every month. Free and open to public.

I got chills, they’re multiplyin’. And I’m losing control. ‘Cause the power, you’re supplying, it’s electrifying!

Admit it, you sang along with that, maybe even jumped up out of your chair for a brief moment of cavortation. It’s the end of summer, hell of a world out there. Let’s retreat into a halcyon world of Fifties USA viewed through the lens of the Seventies. Yeah baby, it’s Grease! And you’re not only not prevented from singing, you’re virtually required to at least pretend you’re singing along.

It’s 1978, a summer much like this one. America’s sweetheart, Olivia Newton John, plays the role she was born into. She’s the possibly apocryphal girlfriend John Travolta’s cool greaser met on summer vacation in Australia. Travolta’s terrific, singing and dancing his heart out. Heavy duty supporting cast includes Stockard Channing and Didi Conn as Pink Ladies.

This flick is short on plot, long on singalong dance numbers, and just a general light weight summer fun blast, so come on down.

~Film Series Curator, Chris X. Carroll

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