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First Friday Film Series presents: The Nutty Professor

Friday Oct 6, 2017, 7:30 p.m.

Monthly series: 1st Friday of every month. Free and open to public.

“Every move a picture,” says Buddy Love, with a sneer. He’s right you know. Same could be said for Buddy’s creator: recently deceased comic giant Jerry Lewis. The Nutty Professor, a 1963 retelling of the Jekyl and Hyde story, starring Lewis, Stella Stevens and Dean Martin. Well, that last may not be true. Lewis claimed unto his death that Love was just a character he made up, composed of “every obnoxious self-important hateful hipster” he’d ever known. But I dare you to watch his swaggering bravura performance and tell me he’s not skewering Dean.

Lewis plays the titular prof, Julius Kelp, a bumbling absent-minded goof . When a student bullies him (yes, yes, this film is problematic with 20/20 hindsight; the main romance is between a professor and his student), Kelp begins investigating ways to beef up to counter the continuing harassment. Numerous failures lead to a startling transformation turning the bumbling professor into suave, confident crooner Buddy Love.

But Buddy is a jerk. Even love interest Stella Stevens dislikes him, though of course she finds herself strangely attracted to the cad. Of course, the formula wears off at inopportune times and eventually, well, heck, I’m not going to give away the ending!

I’ll even suggest you stay for the credits, there’s a little surprise Easter Egg waiting for you right at the end.

Come on down to the Dennis P. McHugh Piermont Public Library on Friday night October 6th, 7:30 pm. Oh, and did we mention, it’s free? I said, IT’S FREE.

~Film Series Curator, Chris X. Carroll

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