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Lecture by Joan Gussow

Sunday Jun 7, 2009, 2 p.m.

Joan Gussow

Joan Gussow.

A special feature of the Home Grown Quadricentennial Exhibit.

On Sunday, June 7, at 2 p.m., Joan will join us to talk about how she got involved in growing her own food and in efforts around the county and the country that encourage more people to try it. She will also talk a bit about what can be grown here and how one can live year round on local produce, while touching on changes in the Agriculture Department that reflect a national shift in direction towards "ecological reality even at the highest levels."

Joan Gussow in garden

Joan Gussow gardening.

Joan Gussow, one of the founders of Piermont's Community Garden, is also an internationally known advocate of the relocalization of food production, focusing on local farming and community and home gardening as part of creating a sustainable food system.

Her book, This Organic Life, "gives flesh to ideas about reforming our food supply that deserve not only to be heard, but tried out in the backyard" according to author Michael Pollan.

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