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Spirit of Korea: Culture of Korea

Sunday Jun 11, 2017, 2 p.m.

“Culture of Korea” will be presented by Kyung Won Pak. Ms. Pak is the Director of the Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness of Korean history and culture. While the headquarters of the KSCPP is in South Korea, there are branches in the Unites States as well as in Germany and the United Kingdom. The event will focus on multiple facets of the culture of Korea. To begin with, two films of old and modern Korea will be shown. The first film explores the topic of the hidden treasures of Korean Art and the second film focuses on modern Korea. Through these two documentaries and a question and answer period, our attendees will learn of past and present achievements of the country not well known to the world. The ancient artifacts discussed in the first film demonstrate the incredible devotion and perseverance of the artisans of that time. The second film will illustrate how these characteristics helped to transform the country into what it is today, a hub of construction, shipping and technology. After the program, there will be a reenactment of a traditional Korean wedding ceremony performed for our attendees and traditional Korean food and beverage will be served. We believe this will add another manner in which our attendees can learn about the Korean culture as the cuisine of an area also imparts knowledge.

This project is made possible with funds from the Individual Artist Grant program of the Arts Council of Rockland and the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

Please call 845-359-4595 to register.

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