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In Memoriam – Miriam Rapport and Martin Gorosh

Posted: Thu, Jun 18, 2009

With great sadness, the Trustees of the Piermont Library note the loss of two of their colleagues and friends, Miriam Rapport, who died on May 26, and Martin Gorosh, who died on June 3.

Martin Gorosh

Martin was our longest-serving trustee – twenty-five years by our estimation. During those years Martin worked tirelessly to help make real his dream of a new state-of-the-art library building with easy patron access. To this end, he led the board’s construction committee, dealing with innumerable challenges while keeping track of every penny spent. But Martin’s contribution goes beyond the hours and energy he spent to realize this goal. What he really contributed to us on the board was a vision of what we could be. He will be replaced on the board but not in our hearts.

Miriam Rapport

Almost from the moment that she moved into Piermont in the early 1990s, Miriam was a stalwart supporter of the library, serving as president of the Friends of the Library and then as trustee, president, and vice-president of the Library Board. Her tireless efforts and enthusiasm were major factors in making real our hopes and plans for a new library building. The vital and beautiful Piermont Public Library–now a centerpiece of our community–is her living legacy.

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